Wednesday, January 10, 2007

A Game Of Kings

Decision: Reinforce US forces in the Baghdad region to destroy the Sunni insurgents and force a separation between Maliki (Washington) and the Shia militia and political leaders. Why the latter decision? Because Bush's illision about Maliki is not tenable without it.

Problem: Maliki is not George Washington. He is only disguised as George Washington. He is in fact, just another Shia political and militia leader, and not the strongest either. (...)

Because of the rich Bushian fantasy life it will be demanded in the New Plan that Maliki distance himself, and indeed fight, if necessary, to disarm and render impotent Shia Arab militias. He is INCAPABLE OF DOING THAT!! He is one of the Shia Arab leaders.

: The King has ordered me to seek out the secret general of the Jesuits and kill him.
Porthos: You should let the secret general worry about that.
Aramis: Therein is the problem. I am he. I am the general of the order of Jesuits.